Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tough Love

I recently went to the shooting range with a friend.  I think he was shocked that I did so well.  Ok, I was a little shocked myself when I hit the target 75 yards away 4 out of 5 times (really shocked since its been forever since I've been). 

Anyway, while I was waiting for my turn I started looking around and couldn't help but notice all of the shiny shell casings lying around.  I kept thinking of what all I could do with these. 

Since then I've been squeezing in some time with power tools (all I'm going to say is when those cutting discs for a dremel shatter you'll find pieces everywhere, even after you think you've gotten them all).  These's are a couple of the pieces I've finished for what I'm calling "Tough Love".

Stay tuned, there's more to come (as long as I manage to keep all of my fingers where they should be)...


  1. These are awesome!!! I want one!! :)
    You should totally give them out as presents, or sell them on Etsy - they're great!

  2. Thanks so much! They'll be listed on Etsy as soon as I get a chance. I've been so busy making new inventory for shows that I haven't been able to list anything new lately.