Friday, March 11, 2011

Feature Friday! with Delectable Delights

This week's Feature Friday Etsy shop is Delectable Delights, which all started "about 8 months ago I decided to take on a personal challenge of baking 101 different cupcakes. I started a blog ( and that is what started my obsession with cupcakes."

Just look at this shop full of ways to make your cupcakes and treats look as good as they taste!  From wrappers to toppers you're sure to find a way to dress up those sweet treats.

Polka dot and Strip Easter Wraps
Can't you just see a coconut cupcake in these little Easter Egg wrappers.

HOT Pink Damask Wraps
Or a tower of chocolate cupcakes with pink frosting wrapped in pink damask for your little girl's birthday.

Sophisticated and Fun little ladybugs!

Going hand in hand with this fun shop is a terrific blog Holly's 101 Cuppycake Challenge where she actually makes cupcakes.  There are even recipes and step-by-step pictures.  I can totally see why her latest, Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownie Cupcakes, are her new favorite.


  1. I LOVE anything peanut butter I want one......

  2. Thanks again for featuring me :)

  3. I love the cupcake wrappers Holly has! This is a cute shop, with and even cuter idea! If I ever need cool wrappers or toppers, I'll know where to go!

  4. I'm planning on giving those chocolate peanut butter brownie cupcakes a try!

  5. Well now you've got me craving cupcakes! Yummmmm :-)


  6. how fun! This would be a bad challenge for me because I would eat all of the cupcakes I baked. I am trying to tone up and train for a half marathon so maybe AFTER I run my race I can get on board! Cute blog!!