Sunday, March 6, 2011

I should have been studying...

I should be reviewing for my TEAS test on Tuesday morning but instead I find myself making these bracelets.  Mainly because I'm just curious as to how they're going to look.  Plus I have to make a birthday gift for Wednesday and haven't figured that one out yet. 
The parts of the test that I'm concerned about are those things that you learn in school and then NEVER use again.  You know algebra, all of those rules for grammer, what type of rock is this, or how to do metric conversions.  I can honestly say that the last time I had to know all of the prepositional phrases I was 14 and in 9th grade, and lets just say that was a while ago.  Not to mention, I had a hard enough time with physics when I was getting my Bachelor's, much less you want me to remember those formulas now.

I have decided after getting seriously frustrated with taking pictures that I am either going to give making my own light box a try or I'm buying the one I found on Amazon.  Maybe I'll try making one first and see how that turns out?  That's a project for after Tuesday.  Until then, I'm going back to prepping for the lovely standardized test that I have to take and maybe getting around to editing some more of the pictures that I took today.


  1. I love the bracelets! The crochet flowers are such a cute addition. They're lovely!

  2. Neat bracelets!
    Joann's has OTT lights for 40% off!

  3. Thank you both! I've tried taking pictures with an OTT light by itself and it didn't seem to make a difference which is why I'm going to get all crafty and try making a light box.