Friday, March 25, 2011

Fill in the ______ Friday

Fill in the ______ Friday

I found this over at EveNAndy (who found it at Lauren at ‘the little things we do’) and thought it might be fun.  So here goes...

1. My most prized possession isn't really a possession, its my poodle Popcorn that's been my shadow for almost 13 years.

He even shops on Etsy

2. If I could be one age for the rest of my life, I would want to be its a cliche but I think 29.  I knew enough to not worry about the small things but it's way before I found out that my feel will swell on long trips.

3. The best way to spend a weekend is relaxing with a new book and no set plans.

4. My outlook on life is not to worry about the small stuff that won't really matter.  I also believe that there are people who's opinion really does matter and those that don't, the hard part is figuring out who those people are for you.

5. If you want to annoy me, just be completely inconsiderate of others, even little things like not holding the door for someone behind you. 

6. I am completely defenseless when it comes to really cute shoes and purses which is why I have way too many of both.

SIZE 8.5 Ruby Slipper Ballet Flats
I soooo need these from Princess Pumps!

7. When dressing for the day one should whatever makes you happy, which around here tends to follow something my Mom used to always say when something was really comfortable, "it's like wearing nothing at all."

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