Thursday, March 10, 2011

Something Completely Different

I thought that today I would share an experience I had when visiting my Dad in the Philipines.

My sister and I both traveled to Manila (she left from Memphis and I left from Tampa to meet up in Japan for the last flight) and arrived on a hot and humid August night.  With no real plans we just decided what we wanted to do each day and went. 

One day was simply walking down Roxas Blvd to eat breakfast since we both had jet lag and my father now wakes the roosters up to tell them its time to crow.

Another day we drove to Tagatay enjoying the cooler weather, some lunch, and finding out about dragon fruit.  I don't think the one we bought was ripe because it didn't really taste like anything and was gritty.

Then one morning we decided to go to the new Ocean Park.  It was a surprisingly good aquarium with a really cool tunnel to walk through all of the fish swimming around you.

Then we saw it...

Yup, that right, a kiddie pool full of fish that would give you a pedicure.  I told my sister that I didn't want to do it, I didn't think it would be a good idea.  Did she listen?  Nope, she marched right over and bought four tickets, one for each of us.

I was right, it was creepy!  Before you could even put your foot in the water those little (or not so little) fish were swarming over with their mouths going "feed me, feed me" like in the "Little Shop of Horrors".  My dad put his feet in and just sat there letting them go to town while laughing at my sister's attempt to contain her hysterical laughter as she tried to endure.  Did I mention that she's extremely ticklish?

I'm not saying that this is a terrible thing and that no one should ever do it, I'm just saying that for me, I'll take a pumice stone over fish nibbles any day.


  1. I've seen this on some show on TV, and swore I would never do it. I just don't want to be nibbled on either! I'll stick with my pumice stone. I would like to try a ripe dragon fruit, though!

  2. I hadn't seen it before and nobody wanted to try it except for my sister! Who screamed like a little girl when they started nibbling.