Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Little Bit of This and That

I went to Joann's yesterday armed with my 25% off coupon and planning on only two things.  Which of course meant that I ended up with two bags full of things that I just had to have.  One of those being cotton yarn for a beachy hat, which now needs its ribbon and picture taken, it's basically an adult cream colored version of this hat.

I did sort of find one of the things I went for, some hemp cord to try to make a lighter (cooler) version of the same hat.  It still doesn't look exactly like I imagined it would, I think I need to try using something else to make it.  Any suggestions?  I was thinking of trying raffia or some other type of cord.  I'm just not sure what to use to recreate the vision in my head.

That's going to have to wait until this upcoming week and my three exams are over.  In the meantime I'm going to be learning all about the muscles that let me wield my crochet hook to make these things.  Extensor digitorum and Palmaris Longis here I come...

The Muscular System Anatomical Chart Poster Print - 20x26


  1. Hmmm... You could use yarn, but a much thinner yarn, and then use big needles (if you're knitting... or I guess a big hook if you're crocheting).

  2. I was thinking something along those lines (large cotton thread) before and now I'm back to that again.

  3. My daughter is working on a beach hat for me! I think she mentioned using raffia.

  4. That's another one that I was thinking about trying...

  5. I love this you share the pattern for it?..I also shop at our local JoAnn's. Really like your blog!