Friday, March 18, 2011

Feature Friday! Stacey Leigh Designs

Hand Knitted Moebius Scarf
Stacey Leigh Designs has something for everyone, from scarves and cowls made from felted wool to bags and purses, and there's even soap made with beer! 

Take a look at this chunky moebius scarf with its playful colors and fantastic texture.  It just looks like something that you would want to snuggle up to.  The fact that it has such fun colors that would complement so many different outfits is just an added bonus.

Felted Lavender Spring Bag

Then there's this sweet felted wool bag.  The soft pastels let you know that spring has to be right around the corner.  The proof is in the little flowers on each side.

Pomegranate Wheat Beer Soap
There's even something that truly is for everyone.  I think that Stacey describes how she came to make these beer soaps and their benefits best:

"My husband is a commercial brewer by trade, and so we wanted to use the beer as a base in our soap making. I have always cooked a lot with beer, and thought it would make a great liquid base for the soap as well. It definitely has, I love the moisturizing qualities, and the hops add relaxation properties as well. I enjoy trying new combinations. The stout beer adds a real rich warm fragrance to the soaps. Stout soaps we have done so far are; Irish Oatmeal Stout Soap, Vanilla Stout Soap (so far my favorite!), and a new one still curing, Coffee Imperial Stout Soap(this one has coffee grounds in it and the Stout is very dark and rich). A new soap I will have out this spring is a Pale Ale Citrus Soap. It will have dried lemon and orange peel, and some hops as well."

Irish Oatmeal Stout SoapGo check out all of the other great items in this shop!