Sunday, February 20, 2011

"Singing in the Rain" Basketweave Bag

The Etsy Hookers Team is about to start voting on the entries for their latest creative challenge.  The theme that was choosen was "Singing in the Rain".  It took me some time to think about what I wanted to make.  My first thought was a raindrop scarf with a cloud on one end and a rainbow on the other.  I decided to save that idea for later because spring is coming and I know that I don't want to wait almost a year to wear something that I buy. 

Which led me to come up with this cute little cosmetics bag.  It's a soft sky blue yarn made in a basketweave pattern that not only makes it pretty but gives structure and strength.  To brighten it up even more I added a zipper pull that is a fluffy white cloud with a rainbow.

You can check the other "Singing in the Rain" entries and vote for your favorite at the Etsy Hookers Blog starting February 21.


  1. I love your bag and admire your talent!

  2. Thank you! It turned out so cute that I'm planning on making some other colors.

  3. Love this!!! So adorable. Were you able to line it?

  4. It's not lined but that's mainly because I'm not very good at actual sewing.