Friday, May 20, 2011

Feature Friday! with Rainbeauxart

The shop being featured this Friday is Rainbeauxart.  This shop is full of beautifully painted landscapes, still lifes, and even painted jewelry.  Each one is wonderfully executed by the talented Dottie from Louisiana. 

Spring in the Swamp original oil painting on board 12x9

I just love the colors and serenity of this Bayou Landscape

Original fine art painting "Gulf Shores Moonlight" miniature 2x3

The colors of this miniature canvas would stand out in any shelf display.

Sunset necklace handpainted tiny canvas on pendant

Just imagine wearing your own original sunset.

Avery Island Heat oil painting on board 12x6

This is the view that I would like to look up from my book and see.

Camellia painting original art 5x7 Impressionist floral

What a way to bring a soft touch to your bedroom without going into the land of precious.

I just couldn't resist this collection of vibrant and colorful paintings. 

I'm sure that when you check out Rainbeauxart's shop you'll find the perfect thing to fill that blank spot in your house, even if it's that little space on a shelf that's just not quite complete.


  1. Susan, thank you so much! Your blog is beautiful and I am so honored for you to have featured me on it. I had so much fun reading it...haha, "without going into the land of precious" made me smile!

    Thank you again!!!

  2. I love the sunset pendant! And the canvas gives it such a cool texture!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! Love the bright blue one:)

  4. Dottie is very talented! Great feature!