Sunday, May 8, 2011

How to make your own doily covered stones

I have been seeing these river rocks and stones that people have been covering with crochet doilies so I decided that I wanted to figure out how they were made.  I decided to try them on a smaller scale and used these pebbles that would normally be used for plants.  Since they're so dark I decided to use a cheery yellow cotton thread to make my little doilies.  They were much easier to make than I originally though they would be.  It actually took me longer to make five tiny doilies than it did to sew them on my stones.  Just imagine how fast this would go with the ones you can find in the dollar store!

You're going to need some stones (whatever size your heart desires).

If you're making your own doilies you need some cotton thread, a crochet hook, and a large eye needle.  If you're using ones that you bought somewhere then you just need some needle and thread.

Leave a long tail when you fasten off your doily so that you can use it to sew it onto the rock.

Simply place the stone in the center of the doily.

With your long tail threaded onto the needle sew across the stone first.

Then one of the sides.

Followed by the opposite side.  Sew the remained corners so that everything is pulled towards the middle.

After you fasten everything off your stone should look a little something like this cutie.

Finish a few more and you've got a whole crop of these to decorate with!