Friday, June 3, 2011

Feature Friday! with Simon and Ruby

This week's Feature Friday is focused on the lovely shop Simon and Ruby.  Not only is Lindsay's shop full of beautiful statement jewelry but the pictures showcasing her work is so artful that browsing her shop is like flipping through a fashion magazine.

Ok, I admit it, I picked this one as much for the gorgeous jewelry as for the stunning picture.

The muted colors and the simple design of this necklace means that you could wear it almost anywhere.

I just love the drape and unusual color.

So simple and yet so bold that it could be worn with anything.

Simple and chic, I think these would look great with jeans, a plain white shirt, and sandals.

Just the right combination of colors, sizes, and textures make this a stunning piece.

This is just a little sample of the beautiful jewelry in Lindsay's shop so go see what other little treasures you can find.  Even better is the fact that 5% of each sale is donated to World Vision. 
You can keep up with the newest work, events, and announcements by checking out Simon and Ruby's website.

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