Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I've seen many things, but I've never seen that before

I was looking through a catalog yesterday and I was surprised at some of the items that I saw in there.  How could you not be surprised by a weight loss supplement that claims to melt away the fat while you sleep?  Or the anti-cellulite soap that smooths out your thighs while you shower? 

Go Girl Female Urination Device, Lavender And then I came across this one!  The description waxes poetic about never being inconvienced by the lack of a restroom facility again.  You'll never have to bother with trying to squat (it does actually mention this specifically) and complete you business.  The answer to these troubling delimemas?  A pink squishy funnel that will let you go anywhere you want. 

My mind started going over some possibilities and ideas.  Doesn't this just seem messy?  Would you really want to be carrying your pink funnel around with you AFTER its been used?  What do you tell your friends?  "Don't worry, I've got it covered with my GoGirl!"  Couldn't you just carry around a funnel (and get to pick out whatever color you'd like)?  "Look I wrote my name in the snow!" 


  1. I think I would only use this on a camping trip or something! Or if i was going somewhere and I knew the bathrooms were going to be nasty!

  2. Bwuhahahaha! No way! It would have to be desparate times for me to carry anything like that around. Much less use it! GROSS!