Monday, June 13, 2011

First time at the Chattanooga Market

Yesterday was my first time setting up at the Chattanooga Market.  With my brother and sister helping we got everything set up and ready to go for the 11 o'clock start.

Waiting for the second table and the people to arrive.

I finished painting my display board the night before and then couldn't find one of the push pins.  I've got plans on making a couple more to display more jewelry.

Everybody wanted a rose bobby pin.  I've got to work on replenishing my stock.

I've got to make more of my little espadrille booties.

I finished this pretty purse at about midnight. 


  1. I was totally there! We go nearly every Sunday. It's where I get all my fruit and veggies in the summer. Are you going to be back?

  2. I will be going back, just not this coming Sunday, we're going to Dollywood and Splash Country!